The IT Help Center offers a variety of services for both personal and departmental computers. From virus removals to hard drive replacements, we have staff trained to answer your questions and solve your computer problems. Most of the services provided by the IT Help Center are offered at no charge to the Boston University community. When charges do apply, they are at competitive rates.

  • Personal assets are computers owned by students, faculty, and staff.
  • Institutional assets are computers purchased and owned by the university.

The following are the services we offer.

Software Support

Service Personal Asset
Institutional Asset
Application Troubleshooting No charge No charge
Operating System Troubleshooting No charge No charge
Wireless/Internet Setup and Troubleshooting No charge No charge
Virus and Spyware Removal No charge No charge
Operating System Reload – Standard No charge No charge
Operating System Reload – Premium $60 No charge
Standard OS reloads include the original Operating System that the computer shipped with, all security updates, McAfee VirusScan software, and the Cisco VPN client (upon request). Premium OS reloads include any other type of reload request, such as Boot Camp or Parallels installs, OS downgrade requests, or OS upgrades. OS media and licenses need to be provided from personal assets.
Data Backup $95 Cost of media
Application Installs (standard) $15 per application No charge
Application Installs (bundles) $25 per bundle No charge
Application Use Consultations No charge No charge

Hardware Diagnosis and Repair

Service Personal Asset
Institutional Asset
Warranty Diagnosis and Service No charge1 No charge
Non-Warranty Diagnosis $482 No charge
Non-Warranty Repair $72 + parts Parts
Labor is charged at a flat rate plus cost of parts, if applicable.

Hardware Upgrades

Service Personal Asset
Institutional Asset
Memory Upgrade $25 + parts Parts
Hardware (unlimited parts) $72 + parts Parts

About Our Hardware Repair Services

Our manufacturer authorized hardware repair services are available at the IT Help Center’s main location: 179 Amory Street in West Campus. For questions about these services you may call the IT Help Center at 617-353-HELP (4357).

Our comprehensive repair services complement and enhance the support you receive from our software support staff. Our skilled technicians are certified to provide in-warranty and post-warranty repairs, upgrades, and service for most major brands including Apple, Dell and Lenovo. For full details on covered makes and models, please visit our supported hardware page.

BU students, faculty and staff may bring computers to 179 Amory Street. We will check in your computer and contact you as soon as the computer has been diagnosed. Hardware diagnosis is typically occurs within two business days, however, often problems are diagnosed (or even resolved) much faster.

1 Warranty Repairs note: We can only provide at no charge warranty services which are covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. If for any reason the service you require is not covered under your warranty, we will contact you before performing the work. A diagnosis fee applies if a non-warranty issue is discovered during the course of the repair.

2 Diagnosis Fee note: Diagnosis fee is non-refundable. Fee will be applied towards completed repair labor charges. There is no diagnosis fee for warranty work unless during the course of the repair an issue not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty is discovered.