September-October 2021, facilitated by Theodora Goss

Are you considering teaching WR 153 in the future? In this faculty seminar, we explored theories of creativity and innovation, focusing particularly on the principles of design thinking and its non-linear, iterative steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, assess. We discussed how to incorporate design thinking into our courses by creating assignments that encourage students to come up with new strategies and approaches, develop and refine their ideas in response to feedback, and learn from productive failure. This seminar was theoretical and practical: as we learned about design thinking, we also used it to create course material for WR 153 so we can help our students become more creative in their thinking and writing.

Review the seminar reading materials, slides, and presentation videos below.

Also see our Faculty Guide to Teaching WR 153, which will soon have additional resources on design thinking and the Creativity & Innovation Hub unit.