Alan & Sherry Leventhal Center

Bringing Sustainability to Admissions

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Welcome to BU! The Alan and Sherry Leventhal Center functions as BU's expanded Admissions Reception Center and is one of the first buildings many prospective BU students visit. Built from the former Hillel House of 1953, this green building project preserves historic character while reducing embodied energy by reusing the existing structure.

Materials and Resources

  • More than 86% of the 1953 Hillel House was reused, substantially reducing the embodied carbon needed to create the center.
  • 14% of materials came from recycled sources and more than 15% came from within 500 miles, thus minimizing the carbon footprint of the transportation of materials.
  • 97% of construction waste was diverted from landfills.
  • 96% of wood used is certified sustainably harvested by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Hand dryers reduce paper towel waste.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • BU has a robust green cleaning program that uses Green Seal and Ecologo certified cleaning products for over 70% of the materials used for cleaning on campus. Custodial staff at the Admissions Reception Center use 100% Green Seal and Ecologo certified cleaning products and procedures.
  • The University uses low VOC materials in all products. All composite wood products in the Admissions Reception Center are built with no added formaldehyde to ensure healthy air quality.
  • Rooms with chemicals or equipment where hazardous gases may be produced are equipped with ventilation systems to remove these indoor air pollutants.

Energy Efficiency

  • An improved thermal envelope, high-efficiency glazing, reduced interior light power, LED lighting, and occupancy sensors that reduce energy use when rooms are unoccupied all make this building more than 36% more efficient than buildings that meet the energy code.

Water Efficiency

  • Low-flow lavatory and kitchenette faucets as well as water-efficient toilets and urinals have resulted in a 38% reduction in water use over a standard building.
  • Drought-tolerant species, high-efficiency sprinklers, and drip irrigation reduce water use by 57% compared to traditional landscape designs.

Sustainable Site Design, Location, and Transportation

  • Located in the heart of BU's Charles River Campus, conveniently near transit and bikeshare.
  • Incorporates a plaza that connects the Center to the Warren Alpert Mall, or the "BU Beach," with a tree canopy of red maple and honey locusts to provide shade and reduce the heat island effect.
  • The roof minimizes the urban heat island effect and reduces energy by using a white roofing membrane that reflects the sun's energy and reduces cooling in the summertime.


233 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215

LEED Rating: Gold

Total Building Area: 19,000 gsf.

Architect: Goody Clancy

MEP Engineers: RW Sullivan

Structural Engineers: McNamara Salvia

Geotechnical Engineers: Haley and Aldrich

General Contractor: Columbia Construction

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