What Can I Recycle?

Recycling in residence hall

Mixed Recycling

Our campuses collect recyclables through a mixed-recycling system.

Mixed Recycling Sign

Plastic jars, bottles, jugs, and tubs, paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, and metal food and beverage cans are all collected in the same bin.

Help stop contamination! Don’t put food waste, dirty containers, or trash in recycling bins.

Still have separate cans and bottles or paper bins in your space? Let us know by emailing the Zero Waste Manager.

Keep an eye out for compostable plastics.

PLA Plastic and compostable products are not recyclable. These products — made from renewable resources such as corn, potatoes, and sugar — are designed to be processed with food waste and are labeled “compostable” or “biodegradable.”

Dining Services has replaced many of its oil-based plastic containers with compostable ones. So don’t be afraid to throw that PLA “plastic” cup into the food waste bin. If there isn’t a designated food waste bin available, trash it, don’t recycle it.

The following items can be recycled when collected separately:

Where Can I Recycle?

Chances are, somewhere nearby. There are tons of convenient locations across campus in residential, academic, and administrative buildings. Use BU Maps to find the mixed recycling area nearest you.

Big Belly solar-powered compactors throughout campus make it easy to sort waste into trash and single-stream recycling bins. These bins take five times the capacity of traditional trash bins. Use proper recycling practices to prevent contamination of the single-stream bin.