Purchase Sustainably

Sustainable Purchasing Program

In alignment with BU’s Climate Action Plan and Zero Waste Plan, the Sustainable Purchasing Program (SPP) supports our social and environmental objectives and local markets.

Under the SPP…

  • Prioritize reduction of product purchases
  • Consider used and surplus goods before purchasing new goods
  • Avoid single-use products and packaging
  • Buy remanufactured or durable goods
  • Lease or share equipment when possible

Choose Suppliers Wisely

When deciding who to source goods and services from, investigate company values and practices. Do they prioritize…

  • Environmental stewardship?
  • Fair labor practices? 
  • Supplier diversity? 
  • Reducing the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals?

Purchase like a Pro

Deciding which item to add to your cart? Go for… 

  • Post-consumer Recycled Content
  • Consideration of toxins
  • Durability and lifespan of goods 
  • End of life recyclability 
  • Reusability of goods
  • Minimal packaging 
  • Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) criteria designated as “Gold” (electronics & IT equipment)
  • Energy STAR Certified (electronics & appliances)

To find a full list of categories and the related guidelines for sustainable purchasing, visit the Sourcing and Procurement page on the Sustainable Purchasing Program.

Want to be recognized for sustainable practices in your office? Interested in guidance for cultivating a sustainable departmental culture? Check out our Green Office Certification Program.