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Introducing Green Department Certification 2.0 a new iteration of one of our longest-running programs. 

About Green Department Certification 2.0

The Green Department Certification 2.0 is an opportunity for entire BU departments to demonstrate leadership by creating a culture built on sustainable values. The certification is based on LEED criteria and is a great opportunity for faculty, staff, and administration to directly support Boston University’s Climate Action Plan. 

The certification process encourages individuals to come together to evaluate their impact and set goals for sustainable action in the workplace. Based on a point total earned through the certification process, departments can receive certified, silver, gold, or platinum level status, and these efforts are recognized with a bamboo plaque for the office. 

The Three Steps to Green Department Certification 2.0: 

  • Sustainability Checklist: Departments will complete a checklist that evaluates sustainable habits in categories such as energy use, Zero Waste, sustainable purchasing, and more. To improve point scores for each category, departments can work with BU Sustainability to set goals and build new green initiatives.
  • Individual Green Office Certifications: As a component of the Green Department Certification 2.0, individuals within each department are encouraged to have their own office spaces certified through the Green Office Certification Program* to learn more about their personal sustainable impact. Departments with 50% or more of their staff certified through the Green Office Program will receive extra points towards their departmental certification.
  • Sustainability Action Plan: As the last step towards completion of the Green Department Certification 2.0, departments will develop a written Action Plan highlighting their commitments to sustainability in the workplace. The departmental Action Plan is intended to directly align with Boston University’s Climate Action Plan. Participation in the Green Department Certification 2.0 is a meaningful way for groups – and individuals – to get involved in bringing BU’s Climate Action Goals to life.


Ready to Get Certified? 

Email greenoffice@bu.edu to learn more & sign up for a consultation appointment.

Take your involvement to the next level. Help promote campus sustainability through peer-to-peer awareness as a Sustainability Liaison.


*Green Office Certification Program

BU Sustainability continues to offer certification for individual office spaces through the Green Office Certification Program. If you are interested in being certified, you can sign up for a virtual, 30-minute certification meeting using this scheduling link or by emailing greenoffice@bu.edu

Still Have Questions? Reach out to greenoffice@bu.edu for more information and resources for workplace sustainability. 

Green Certification Program History

This program began in 2010 with a pilot program at College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College. With ongoing input from faculty and staff, we made revisions and then launched it University-wide through the University’s Sustainability Liaisons program in 2011.