New to BU?


Welcome to Boston University!

We are the Student Activities Office, a team of professional staff and student staff, who are here to help you get involved and engaged in campus life here at Boston University!

Be sure to check our social media (Instagram @bustudentactivities) student organization events, office updates, and Weeks of Welcome programming at the start of each semester!

Weeks of Welcome

Weeks of Welcome are campus wide events planned by the Campus Activities Board and Student Government to, you guessed it, welcome new and returning students to campus!

Get ready for a tons of events where you can meet lots of new people, enjoy music, food, and win some great prizes! These 2 weeks mark the beginning of each semester, in September and in January, so be on the look out for posts about these events!


Winter Weeks of Welcome starts in a few short weeks!

Don’t miss out on all the events, visit for the full list of events!



Happenings Around Campus

Offices and Departments are also planning events and programs during the first month of the semester! Check out all the events on “Happenings Around Campus” to see what else you can explore in the first month back on campus!


Eager to get engaged with campus? Check out BU’s TerrierCentral website, a hub for student organization information and events!

A brief How-To video is below!