Saida Grundy

Saida Grundy publishes op-ed in The Guardian

Saida Grundy recently published an op-ed in The Guardian on the Supreme Court’s ruling ending race-conscious admissions. In “How Clarence Thomas orchestrated a new obstacle for Black students”, she writes: “As a set of legal statutes and governmental policies, affirmative action policies in college admissions intended to account for historical wrongdoings against entire groups of […]

Assistant Professor Grundy publishes article in Social Problems

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Saida Grundy for publishing her article “Lifting the Veil on Campus Sexual Assault: Morehouse College, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Revealing Racialized Rape Culture through the Du Boisian Lens” in the journal Social Problems. Her article focuses on the racial aspect of college rape culture and sexual assault. Click here to read this […]

Professor Saida Grundy on White State Violence

Assistant Professor of Sociology Saida Grundy looks beyond police brutality to highlight acts of white state violence that can’t be captured in short videos. Featured in arts&sciences magazine, she spoke to CAS about her work.