Postdoctoral Research Opportunity

Start date of September 1, 2015.

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher join the MCL supported by our research program in optical wireless communication, networking, and immersive lighting as part of the NSF Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center.

Our research is focused on a broad set of systems topics including:
• Wireless communications analysis
• Network modeling and analysis
• Pervasive computing
• Networked embedded systems
• Privacy, trust, security
• Implementation of working systems and applications
• Software defined radio and USRP programming
We are particularly interested in candidates with backgrounds in (a) the PHY layer for high-speed free space optical systems, and (b) practical
experience in network programming under Linux or embedded Linux;
although we would be delighted to support a highly agile researcher who can adapt to any challenge in the topics on our research agenda.

Candidates must be excellent communicators and be able to work in an interdisciplinary research environment; strong individually and strong as part of a team.

Send CV and statement of research objectives and plan to: tdcl at