Student wellbeing is complex. We’re committed to trying new initiatives to meet student needs. Some have hit the mark, others we’ve learned from, and some are still in production.

Programs We’re Trying Now

These are new programs that we’re piloting or testing with smaller groups of students to see if they work.

Mindfulness Workshop

Overview: The Mindfulness Workshop is a new activity-based offering that introduces the concept of mindfulness, and how it can help support students’ wellbeing and help them achieve their goals. In this workshop, students try mindfulness activities that include: mindful movement, mindful eating, breath awareness meditation, and exploring the five senses.

Current Status: This program has been piloted with BU student organizations and is now available for request. Learn more about the Mindfulness Workshop and request a virtual workshop.

Programs We’re Continuing

These are programs or initiatives that met their goals and resonated with students.

Programs We’re Pausing

These are programs or initiatives that we tried, but are not currently offering.