Notes on Contributors

Rebecca Arnheim is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of History of Art & Architecture at Boston University. She specializes in the Italian Renaissance, focusing on drawn portraits within the culture of Italian courts.

Bailey Benson is a doctoral student at Boston University, where she studies the art and architecture of ancient Rome. Her research interests include the role of women in ancient Greece and Rome, the articulation of identity and memory in the ancient world, and the archaeology of the Roman East. She was a graduate research intern in the Ancient Art department at the MFA from 2016 to 2017.

Steve Burges is a doctoral candidate at Boston University with a focus on Roman art and archaeology. He is currently writing a dissertation examining depictions of temporary funerary architecture on imperial coinage. It is entitled “Conflagration and Consecration: Funerary Pyres of the Roman Imperial Family from 138 to 235 CE.” He worked for the Department of Art of the Ancient World at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from 2014 to 2016.

Lane Eagles is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington, Seattle focusing on the history of art and visual culture of late medieval and Renaissance Italy. Her research focuses on gender, fashion, magic, and miracles. She is also an adjunct instructor of art history at Seattle Pacific University.

Kearstin Jacobson is a second year Masters student at Montana State University where her research interests range from the ancient through medieval eras in the Mediterranean. Specifically, Kearstin looks to the shifting appearances or contexts of material objects and iconographies among peoples as the lingering markers of transculturation.

Kyla Kegler is an artist whose work probes the phenomenon of haptic sensation through multimedia experiences focused on tuning into subtle awarenesses of the body. Her research critically navigates the paradox of the mindfulness industry, to which she contributes as both an artist and as a practitioner. She is currently completing her MFA in visual art on full fellowship at the University at Buffalo.

Carlos Muñoz is a doctoral student at Boston University interested in Greek and Roman art and archaeology. He is writing a dissertation entitled “The Apoxyomenos: Meaning and Context of the Athlete with a Strigil in the Greek and Roman World.” Also, he is currently the graduate research intern at the Art of the Ancient World department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston until May 2018.

Jennifer Tafe is a PhD Candidate in Greek art at Boston University. Her doctoral dissertation, “Nikosthenes: Innovation and Identity in Late Archaic Vase Painting” examines the signed vases from a specific workshop as a model for understanding concepts of the artist and individual style in Athenian vase painting production and export.

Morgan Williamson is a MA student at Boston University studying Japanese Art.

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