notes about contributors

Bailey Benson is a doctoral student at Boston University, where she studies the art and architecture of ancient Rome. Her research interests include the role of women in ancient Greece and Rome, the articulation of identity and memory in the ancient world, and the archaeology of the Roman East.

Daniel Healey is a PhD candidate in the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University. His dissertation is on stylistic retrospection in Roman art and visual culture.

Cortney Anderson Kramer is a second year Art History and Material Culture PhD student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she studies vernacular art-environments.

Christopher Lacroix is a second year MFA student at the University of British Columbia, and has a BFA from Ryerson University. His research and practice investigates queer and gay subject formation and the ways in which these subjectivities are performed. Lacroix is a recipient of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholarship awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Jeff Paul is a graduate student in the Department of Art History at Columbia University. His research focuses on contemporary art and visual culture with an emphasis on mass media, linguistics, and digital technology. He works at David Zwirner and Artsy, and previously held positions at Artnet, the MIT List Visual Arts Center, and Adobe.

Jessica Rosenthal is a second year MA student at Williams College, where she studies nineteenth and twentieth-century art, focusing on works on paper. Her interdisciplinary research looks at discourses from art therapy as a way to challenge tropes of art associated with mental illness. She is also the Education Intern at the Clark Art Institute.

Madison Treece is a PhD student in Visual Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her work focuses on contemporary Chicanx, Latinx, and Latin American visual culture with an emphasis on politics, borderlands, and the colonial body. 

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