Nutrition Services for BU Students

Welcome to the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center!

The SCNC offers a variety of services to help BU students navigate their meal plans, restaurants, and their own kitchens. Our on-campus offerings are designed to help you balance your nutritional needs with your preferences, budget and lifestyle.

One-Credit Nutrition Classes

  • Healthy Cooking on a Budget
  • Sports Nutrition 

     Free Nutrition Workshops 

    • Meal Planning 1-2-3 
    • Thoughtful Eating 
    • Advanced Meal Planning 
    • Budget-friendly Meal Planning 
    • Stocking a Healthy Kitchen 

    Interactive Educational Opportunities

    • Customized seminars 
    • Dining hall tours 
    • Grocery store tours 
    • Cooking demonstrations 

      Individual Counseling Sessions

      SCNC Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) have expertise in the following areas: 

      • Eating disorders 
      • Weight-related concerns 
      • Food allergies and intolerances 
      • Celiac disease 
      • Gastrointestinal disorders 
      • Women’s health 
      • Vegetarian/vegan meal planning 
      • Sports nutrition  
      • Iron deficiency anemia 
      • Cardiovascular disease risk factors
      • Diabetes and pre-diabetes

      Sargent Choice Healthy Food and Education Program

        On-campus Dining Resources for Students with Food Allergies and Intolerances

        On-Campus Support for Student-Athletes  

        Additional Resources

        Volunteer Opportunities

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