Sargent Seniors Present Honors Thesis Projects

Congratulations to all the Sargent College seniors who presented their honors thesis projects this week. The Senior Thesis for Distinction is an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate Sargent College seniors to complete an in-depth research experience within a major or minor field of study. Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, this year, six students developed and executed a personalized research project while collaborating in their mentor’s lab or research group.

Therese Ancheta (Human Physiology)

Therese presented her thesis, “Identifying Neural Correlates of Speech Prosody in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” mentored by Professor Jennifer Zuck.

Fangzhou Cheng (Human Physiology)

Fangzhou presented her thesis, “Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)-based Vascular Imaging System: A New Approach to Visualize, Quantify, and Manipulate Photothrombosis in Murine Femoral Vessels,” mentored by Professor Jingyan Han.

Riya Gopal (Health Science)

Riya presented her thesis, “Evaluating Cultural Competency Training in Dental School Education,” mentored by Professor Shelley Brown.

Yane Kim  (Human Physiology)

Yane presented her thesis, “Changes Over Time in Internalizing Mental Health Challenges in Transition-Aged Autistic Individuals,” mentored by Professor Gael Orsmond.

Heather Loo (Health Science)

Heather presented her thesis, “MassHealth and Oral Health in Massachusetts: Barriers to Patient Access and Provider Participation,” mentored by Professor Eileen O’Keefe.

Farah Rexha (Human Physiology)

Farah presented her thesis, “An Analysis of Mental Health Challenges and Contributing Factors for LGBTQIA+ Autistic Individuals,” mentored by Professors Elizabeth Schmidt and Dustin Allen.

Daryna Shnitser (Human Physiology)

Daryna presented her thesis, “The Effect of α-MSH on Innate Immune Memory,” mentored by Professors Andrew Taylor and Basilis Zikopoulos.