• Education:BA in Behavioral Neuroscience, Purdue University, 2011
    MS in Mental Health Counseling, University of Massachusetts Boston, 2015
    PhD in Counseling Psychology, University of Massachusetts Boston, 2019
  • Phone:617-353-0081

Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests 

  • Impacts of systemic oppression, discrimination, and trauma on mental health of marginalized individuals (e.g., race, LGBTQAI+, immigration status, etc.) 
  • Transgender healthcare and mental health 
  • Gender-based violence response and prevention 
  • Institutional corruption and financial conflicts of interest in psychiatry and psychology 
  • Medical neoliberalism and depathologizing normative distress in global mental health 

Selected Publications 

  • Peters, S. M. (2019). Medical neoliberalism in rape crisis center counseling: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Journal of Social Issues, 75(1), 238-266
  •  Peters, S. M. (2019). Demedicalizing the aftermath of sexual assault: Toward a radical humanistic approach. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Advance online publication.
  • Kamens, S. R., Cosgrove, L., Peters, S. M., Jones, N., Flanagan, E., Longden, E., Schulz, S., Robbins, B. D., Olsen, S., Miller, R., & Lichtenberg, P. (2019). Standards and guidelines for the development of diagnostic nomenclatures and alternatives in mental health research and practice. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 59(3), 401-427.
  • Cosgrove, L., Peters, S. M., Vaswani, A., & Karter, J. M. (2018). Institutional corruption in psychiatry: Case analyses and solutions for reform. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 12(6), e12394.
  • Cosgrove, L., Krimsky, S., Wheeler, E. E., Peters, S. M., & Brodt, M., & Shaghnessy, A. (2017). Conflict of interest policies and industry relationships of guideline development group members: A cross sectional study of clinical practice guidelines for depression. Accountability in Research, 24(2), 99-115. 
  • Peters, S. M., Knauf, K. Q., Derbidge, C. M., Kimmel, R., & Vannoy, S. (2015). Demographic and clinical factors associated with benzodiazepine prescription at discharge from psychiatric inpatient treatment. General Hospital Psychiatry, 37, 595-600

Selected Presentations 

  • Vaswani, A., Simons, P., Peters, S. M., Karter, J., Andrews, B., Ruiz, B., & Cosgrove, L. (2017, August). A cross-sectional study of clinical practice guidelines for major depressive disorder: Implications for prescribing psychologists. In M. Hoover (Chair), Rational prescriptive practices for major depressive disorder: An overview of guidelines and analysis of data from an inpatient psychotic disorders unit. Symposium presented at the 2017 American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington, DC. 
  • Peters, S. M., Vaswani, A., Schuck, C., Karter, J. M., & Cosgrove, L. (2017, March). Beyond the paywall: Disseminating feminist mental health research. Paper presented at the 42nd Annual Association of Women in Psychology Conference, Milwaukee, WI.
  • Peters, S. M., Brodt, M., & Cosgrove, L. (2015, March). Risks of commercialized science: Antidepressants, PMDD, and Big Pharma. Paper presented at the 40th Annual Association of Women in Psychology Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • Horne, S. G., Wheeler, E., Peters, S., Maroney, M., & Levitt, H. M. (2015, January). My country, my closet: GLBTQ+ rights in an increasing cultural divide. In C. Anderson (Chair), Culture and Desire, LGBT Movements: Global Progress, Challenges, and the Role of Psychology. Symposium presented at The National Multicultural Summit, Atlanta, GA.
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