The MOC OpenShift Service



The goal of The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) OpenShift Service is to deploy and run the OpenShift container service in a production like environment to provide users of the MOC a container service for their projects. They are currently running two environments. The main service is high availability (HA) configured with multi-tenant option. The secondary service is more of a staging area that is currently being used to test configuration of GPU-enabled nodes.


The MOC OpenShift Service deploys OpenShift as their container platform as it provides convenient services built on top off Kubernetes/Docker. This will provide their end users with an enterprise container service complementing their OpenStack services.

Collaboration with Red Hat

The MOC OpenShift Service is being deployed with assistance from Red Hat. It is currently being used by two projects: the ChRIS Research Integration System (ChRIS), and CiCi.

Project Team

  • Robert Baron, Sr. Software Engineer (MOC)
  • Dan McPherson, St. Principal Software Engineer (Red Hat)
  • Eric Jumo, Intern (MOC)
  • Ashwin, Intern (MOC)