Foundations in Open Source Education

The open source movement has reshaped the way we think about computing and how we create, curate and run software.  We believe that the tools and processes of open source can be brought to bear on the development and distribution of educational material that are not only openly available  but who’s construction, source material and use begin and remain in the public domain.    In this project we are developing an example set of materials for an introductory computer systems class that exploits Jupyter, Jupyter Books, OpenShift and the Mass Open Cloud to develop and deliver a unique educational experience for learning about how computer systems work.   The goal is that all materials, Textbook, Lecture presentations, and Lab manuals are developed in open formats, hosted in public repositories, and deployed in a live and interactive manner that only requires access to a web browser. 

Project Repositories

Check out more about this project on the Red Hat Research website.