Hugh Brock

Co-Director, Red Hat

  • Title Co-Director, Red Hat
  • Office Red Hat Boston (300 A St.)

Hugh Brock is the Director of Engineering for Boston University Research Initiatives at Red Hat, coordinating Red Hat’s research collaboration with BU and other universities worldwide. He has recently relocated to Boston and taken on Red Hat’s university program here after a three-year stint in Brno, Czechia, where he led a large team of developers working on Red Hat’s OpenStack management tool, OSP-director. A Red Hat manager since 2008 and a Red Hatter since 2002, Hugh got his start in IT at a Cambridge start-up called ArsDigita in the late nineties — ArsDigita became famous for offering a Ferrari as a bonus to any employee who could refer ten successful new hires to the company. While no one ever actually earned the Ferrari, it did make ArsDigita famous, for a short time. Hugh now lives in Boston’s Leather District with his wife Kim and their cat Piklz.


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