Rebudgeting may be required throughout the life of the project. In some cases, re-budgeting will have to be approved by the sponsor. Listed below are common examples of when a sponsor requires such a re-budget. In some cases, departments want to re-budget their award in order to align budget with expenditures. This is not a requirement by the sponsor, however, it is something that departments can work with their Sponsored Programs research administrator to achieve

Change of Scope

If the Principal Investigator changes the scope of the award, a rebudget to achieve the new goal may be necessary. The change in scope and the budget request must be submitted through the Sponsored Programs research administrator for sponsor approval.

Most common changes of scopes:

  • PI is leaving the project for 90 days or more
  • PI is changing their effort by greater than 25%
  • A subcontract is being added that was not in the initial budget


If your award restricts the use of equipment or is specific to the piece of equipment you can purchase and you need to make a change, this requires Sponsor approval and must be submitted through the Sponsored Programs research administrator.

If the equipment is over the capitalization threshold and was not originally budgeted, regardless of whether or not sponsor has to approve, some schools require the re-budget to be approved by their Dean as the re-budget will have a negative impact on the facilities and administrative cost return to the school.

For questions about Equipment, please contact your Sponsored Programs RA and Property Management