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Our Mission

Through research, publications, and curricula, we aim to develop and enhance operations and technology management. We’re dedicated to creating new ideas and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in our field, to being recognized as a first-class research department with regular publication in highly regarded academic journals, and to driving the development and delivery of innovative curricula for students and practitioners. The next generation of leaders is rising—we’re committed to arming them with the skills they need to impact their future organizations.

Our Philosophy

An organization’s ability to create value is key to its survival. Through operations, strategy is translated into actions that deliver value. We focus our efforts in five value-creating areas—process management, supply chain management, technology innovation, health care delivery, and the application of technology—to promote product and process innovations and to solve business problems. We believe the synergy among these areas impacts our research and teaching.

Our Research Interests

  • Analytics to enhance process outcomes
  • Behavioral operations
  • Digital product and process management
  • Empirical operations management
  • Health service management
    • Connected and personal health
    • Service design and behavioral studies
  • Issues related to health care quality, productivity, utilization, appropriateness, information technology, and organizational transformation
  • Product development management
  • Professional services management
  • Startup, technology commercialization, and growth-driven operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Sustainability and clean energy operations