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Our Mission

Faculty in the department of Management & Organizations are distinguished by our high-quality research and teaching on the challenges, dynamics, and practices associated with enabling human potential in for-profit, nonprofit, and public organizations around the world. We do this by helping organizational members discover how to lead differently, think creatively, and collaborate with others to positively impact organizations and society.

Our Philosophy

We believe in both the need for and the possibility of organizations to make a positive difference for their members and society. We believe that this becomes possible to the extent that people’s full potential is unlocked and enabled within organizations.  Yet, this is not easy to do, especially in the increasingly fluid, diverse, team-based, geographically dispersed workforce and workplace of the future. We are committed to advancing knowledge in the most difficult and complex areas facing contemporary leaders who want to make a positive difference: promoting diversity and inclusion at work, valuing and nurturing the development of human capital, and effectively engaging in cooperation and conflict.

Our Research Interests

  • Diversity
  • Human Capital
  • Cooperation and Conflict
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Relational Systems
  • Organizational Change


HRPI was founded in the early 1980’s as a partnership between Boston University Questrom School of Business faculty and top-level human resources executives.  HRPI holds semi-annual meetings during which members participate in sessions on leading-edge human resources topics as well as member roundtable discussions.  The Institute also sponsors faculty and doctoral-level research, develops case studies, conducts executive development programs, and acts as an information resource for members through surveys and our newsletter.

With over 45 corporate members, HRPI seeks to harness the power of people to inspire and impact current HR policy and practice by enhancing the scope, excellence, and delivery of HR services and solutions. Our network of faculty, HR executives, fellows, and graduate students bridges the gap between industry and the academic world.


The Humphrey Fellowship Program enables distinguished, mid-career professionals from Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and Central and Eastern Europe to develop management and leadership capabilities.  We help direct the program and integrate its participants into our other curricular initiatives.