Emerging Research

Recent Digital Marketing Symposium on Relevance and Privacy

BU’s Digital Business Institute at the Questrom School of Business hosted a Digital Marketing Symposium to discuss challenges and opportunities marketing faces when it comes to responsible digital customer engagement. Panelists included Dave Edelman, former CMO of Aetna, Nicholas Primola, Executive Vice President of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Andrea Coville, CEO of […]

Sadness — not disgust — intensifies cravings in smokers

Smokers’ cravings for cigarettes are strong on their own, but work by Questrom and Harvard researchers suggests one emotion can trigger an even more acute desire to light up. A handful of new studies published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that sadness is linked to more intense cravings for an […]

What’s the value of your data to advertisers — and to you?

In recent years, increasingly sophisticated technology has given advertisers the ability to track online behavior and offer ever-more targeted ads to consumers. The change hasn’t gone over well with the public: two-thirds of Americans say they oppose this type of advertising. Politicians such as California governor Gavin Newsom have gone so far as to suggest […]

When Data Creates Competitive Advantage…And When It Doesn’t

Co-authored by Questrom associate professor of information systems Andrei Hagiu and Julian Wright of the National University of Singapore, this Harvard Business Review cover story challenges the assumption that it’s possible to use customer data to gain an unbeatable competitive edge. In most instances, people grossly overestimate the advantage that data confers. While insights from […]


How to get consumers to buy now, not later — and love it  It seems that people have caught on to many retailers’ pricing and discount strategies: buy those jeans now and pay full price. Hold off a few weeks and you might get them for half off. If you’re someone who decides to buy […]


The Obstacles Medical AI Must Overcome

Harvard Business Review recently published the article, “AI Can Outperform Doctors. So Why Don’t Patients Trust It?” written by Questrom assistant professor of marketing Chiara Longoni and Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar and professor of marketing Carey K. Morewedge. The article references the professors’ research paper “Resistance to Medical Artificial Intelligence,” which is forthcoming […]