BU Sexual Misconduct Policy

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer
and Kenneth Elmore, Associate Provost and Dean of Students

Under the recently enacted Campus Sexual Violence Act, colleges and universities in Massachusetts are required to remind their communities on an annual basis of their policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct. BU’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and accompanying Procedures (Procedures for the Resolution of Non-Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Non-Affiliates, Procedures for the Resolution of Non-Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Students, Procedures for the Resolution of Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Non-Affiliates) provide information about how the University investigates and addresses cases of sexual misconduct and harassment. This information is also covered in the mandatory Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training required of all students and employees.

This state-wide call for increased awareness aligns with Boston University’s commitment to cultivate a safe, healthy, and nondiscriminatory environment for all community members. Each of us shares the responsibility to recognize and end sexual misconduct and sexual harassment, and every community member has a role in upholding our University’s values. I encourage all community members to report incidents of sexual misconduct and learn their reporting options at bu.edu/eoo/report.

Employees who are not considered confidential resources are expected to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the University’s Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators. The University strives to keep every report or disclosure as private as possible, only sharing such reports with those who have a legitimate business or educational need to know or as required by the University’s policy. If you would like to learn more about the process taken by the University to address reports of sexual misconduct involving community members, please visit bu.edu/eoo.

BU continues to expand resources available to individuals impacted by sexual misconduct and those people accused of causing harm, including the recent appointment of a dedicated University Title IX Coordinator and two Confidential Resource Providers. These individuals join an established and dedicated team of 50 Deputy Title IX Coordinators ready to respond and provide information and referrals.

Please join us in making our community as safe and informed as possible. You may contact University Title IX Coordinator Jessica Nagle at nagle@bu.edu with any questions.

BU Sexual Misconduct Policy – 8.20.21