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The Importance of PR for Tech Startups

By: Yuexin Qu, Account Supervisor at PRLab  October 15, 2018  When people don’t understand the importance of PR, they won’t invest their money in partnering with PR firms. However, PR is vital for startups’ overall growth and future development. Good PR can help startups shape positive public images and establish social media and traditional media […]

Five Communications Lessons to Learn from Fantasy Football

By: Eliza Garry, Account Supervisor at PRLab  October 9, 2018 As a passionate fan of both college and professional football, the fall season is one of the most exciting times of the year for me. Find me following my favorite players and teams every weekend. Fantasy football is a way for me to share my […]

Five PR Lessons from ‘The Walking Dead’

By Jane Wang, Director at PRLab   (Source: Jacob Stolworthy (2017), “The Walking Dead season 7 episode 13: Badass Carol returns in the trailer for ‘Bury Me Here’) It’s been seven seasons. How can these characters still be alive with many walkers around them? Just like The Walking Dead, uncertainty and surprises are a norm in […]