Diversity in the department, recent events and Particles for Justice

The images of George Floyd’s murder, which have horrified and enraged citizens around the world, serve as a chilling reminder of the long history and deep scars of systemic anti-black racism that permeate our society.

We share in the rage and sorrow and acknowledge our own tacit complicity to the legacy of racism and injustice.

We commit to reflect and listen, to learn from our Black colleagues, and to stay vigilant and aware of all forms of racism and inequity that persist in academia and in our communities.

We pledge to be proactive and work together to dismantle the many structural barriers that continue to limit access, representation, and diversity in science, and more broadly, in academia.


Here is a list of selected readings about this topic.

In addtion, our particle physics colleagues across the country have organized to stop all work this Wednesday as a call for anti-racism action NOW https://www.particlesforjustice.org/!

There is great solidarity across our physics community both in mourning and rage but also in a strong call for action. My own reservation – and the reason I pondered this for a few days – is with calling this a “strike” ¬†rather than a “protest and call for action” – this probably has to do with my experiences with strikes in the old country.

If you wish to learn more, you can watch the 2016 documentary “I Am Not Your Negro” based on James Boldwin’s work online. It’s an important piece in my view and there are many others.

Hope all of you are well and safe!