Want to Study Physics?

Boston University seeks to attract academically talented students who will succeed and thrive here and also contribute to the growth of the University’s community.

Our best indicator of how you will do at Boston University is your performance in high school. When we review your high school transcript, we consider a variety of factors, including overall level of achievement, enrollment in honors and AP- or IB-level courses, and individual academic strengths.

The Board of Admissions carefully reviews every application for undergraduate admission to decide whether to grant admission to Boston University. The Board places primary emphasis on the strength of a student’s secondary school record. Students most competitive for admission will have excelled in the most challenging coursework available to them. For most programs at the University, the recommended high school/secondary school curriculum includes:

* Four years of English
* Three to four years of mathematics (pre-calculus/calculus recommended)
* Three to four years of laboratory science
* Three to four years of history and/or social science
* Three to four years of a foreign language

For more information, please see the College of Arts and Science admissions page.

To learn more about our program, please see our academics page.