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Brain, Behavior & Cognition Seminar Series: Memory Engrams in Health and Disease with Assistant Professor Steve Ramirez

This week’s (Thursday 4/13 @ 12:30-1:30) Brain, Behavior & Cognition (BBC) Seminar guest speaker will be assistant professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Steve Ramirez!The talk will be held in 610 Comm Ave, in the Eichenbaum Auditorium (RKC-101).From Professor Ramirez:My group studies the neurobiological mechanisms governing learning and memory. The broad programmatic themes tying my […]

MIT Professor Ed Boydon to Speak at BU on December 13, 2022

MIT Professor Ed Boyden will speak at BU on December 13, 2022 on the topic of “Tools for Analyzing and Controlling Biological Systems.”  The event will be in room 906 at the Photonics Center and run from 1:20-6:30 and include student speakers and a poster session.