Optoelectronic Processing Facility

The Optoelectronic Processing Facility is a multi-user cleanroom outfitted with advanced equipment for fabricating semiconductor and optoelectronic devices on a wafer to die level. The 2500 square foot facility includes both Class 100 photolithography room and Class 1000 Cleanroom. In the Class 1000 cleanroom, capabilities include wet chemical processing, dry etching process, thin film Physical Vapor Deposition (including thermal oxidation and annealing), metrology, dicing saw and wire bonding. To view the OPF Lab Hood safety training, please click the following link: OPF Laboratory Hood Safety Training. The password can be obtained from the OPF lab manager.

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Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., Room 816, Boston, MA 02215
Lab Manager: Paul Mak, pmak@bu.edu, Tel: (617) 353-8869

Class 100 Photolithography Cleanroom

Equipment Status Instrument Make Model
Up Photoresist Spinner Hood Headway Research CB-15 & PWM32
Up Spinner/Hotplate System Karl Suss Delta 80T2/200
Up Mask Aligner Karl Suss MA6
Up Microscope System w/Video Measuring Nikon Optiphot LV150 
UP Laser Mask Writer Heidelberg DWL66
Up Wet Bench Salare WPB-1500
Up Nano Imprinter Lithography Nanonex NX-B200
Up UV Flood Exposure Newport 69910 & 97434-1000

Thin Film Deposition and Analysis Equipment

Equipment Status Instrument Make Model
Up Thermal Evaporator Edwards Auto 306 Turbo
Decommission Electron Beam Evaporator Edwards Auto 306 Turbo
Up Electron Beam and Thermal Evaporator CHA Solution
Up Thermal Oxide Furnace MRL Industries HT 1012
Up DC/RF Magnetron Sputter Denton Vacuum Discovery 18
Up Electron Beam Evaporator Angstrom Engineering EVOVAC
Up Rapid Thermal Processor Modular Process Technology RTP-600S
Decommission Ellipsometer Rudolph Auto EL-II
Up Surface Profiler KLA Tencor Alpha Step 500
Up Spectroscopic Ellipsometer J.A. Woollam V-Vase
Up CVD Furnace Mellen Split Tube

Plasma Etching and Cleaning

Equipment Status Instrument Make Model
Up Reactive Ion Etcher Plasma-Therm 790 
Up Plasma Asher PVA TePla America M4L
Up ICP Deep Reactive Ion Etcher Surface Technology Systems ASE HRM
Up Wet Bench Salare WPB-1800
Decommission HF Vapor Etcher AMMT HF VE6 
Up Crticial Point Dryer Tousimis Tousimis Autosamdri – 815

Wirebonding and Electrical Testing

Instrument Make Model
Up Ball Bonder Kulicke & Soffa 4124
Up Wedge Bonder Kulicke & Soffa 4523
Up Impedance Analyzer Solartron Analytical 1260A
Up Lock-In Amplifier Signal Recovery 7280
Up Probe Station Karl Suss PM5
Up Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer HP 4155A
Up Precision LCR Meter HP 4284A
Decommission 4 Point Probe Cascade Microtech CPS-05

Post Processing Equipment

Equipment Status Instrument Make Model
Up Manual Scriber Karl Suss HR100
Up Stereo Microscope Nikon SMZ800 
Up Dicing Saw Disco Dad 3220