Pardee Center Hosts Workshop on Sustainable Energy Futures

Pardee Center Post-doctoral Associate Laurence Delina

The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future hosted a workshop July 13-15 for an international group of scholars, practitioners, and government officials from 12 developing countries as part of a research program titled The Future of Energy Systems in Developing Countries.

Pardee Center Post-doctoral Associate Laurence Delina convened the gathering to provide input into a comprehensive assessment report he is writing for this project. The report will include case studies of current sustainable energy programs in a dozen countries, and the workshop included participants from Bhutan, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, South Africa, and Zambia.

The workshop attendees participated in plenary and small group discussion sessions over their two-and-a half days on the BU campus. In addition to Delina, Pardee Center Director Anthony Janetos and Pardee Center Faculty Research Fellow Kevin Gallagher chaired sessions of the meeting. A public keynote address on Thursday, July 14 featured Prof. Benjamin Sovacool of the University of Sussex, who has researched and written extensively on energy systems in developing countries.

The final assessment report will be published in 2017.

IMG_1529 Participants gathered on the third day of the workshop IMG_1460 From left: Thanh Nguyen-Quang, Tri Ratna Bajracharya, Ryan Hogarth, Hartley Walimwipi IMG_1472 From left: Worajit Setthapun, Marcio Giannini Pereira IMG_1526 Louise Tait IMG_1488 Prof. Kevin Gallagher