Supporting Staff & Teams

Supporting Staff and Teams during Traumatic Events

We spend most of our day, week, month, and year at our workplace, and as such, the workplace is a community. When traumatic events occur at work or within our world, it can affect us all. Incidents like racially motivated shootings, large-scale health crises, or war, are only a few examples of traumatic incidents that affect individuals in the workplace.

Managers can play a role in guiding their staff through these times with empathy and ensure that all employees feel supported. As you work toward a safer and more supportive work environment, remember that the goal is to make sure staff feel heard and supported. Encourage staff members to show up as their full selves at work. Caring for each other’s mental health can help with both personal well-being and creating a more intentional and people-centered, as well as productive, workplace.

Addressing Trauma in the Workplace (Downloadble PDF)