BU’s Strategic Plan 2030 is woven into the fabric of OD&L. While we strive to ensure that our mission supports all the pillars of the strategic plan, our work touches two of the pillars more directly: Diversity & Inclusion and Community Big, Yet Small.

The OD&L team commits to forwarding the tenants listed in these pillars by:

  • Embracing cultural humility and genuine curiosity to deepen our understanding of diverse lived experiences, and issues related to equity and justice.
  • Interrupting bias as we see, experience, or identify it in our team, partnerships, programs, and materials.
  • Regularly auditing our programs and materials to ensure they represent the rich diversity at BU and beyond and are accessible to all.

Like many, we are on the D&I journey. We commit to continue the journey in the face of discomfort, non-closure, and the risk of making mistakes. We invite our fellow travelers to help support us with insights and ideas in service of making BU a great place for all.

BU’s Commitment to Diversity