Signature Services

The Organizational Development & Learning department offers various services to support the unique needs of your teams on both the Charles River and Medical campuses. 

You can learn more about each of our services by clicking the boxes below. We recommend you do this before submitting your request.

Process is one of the three cornerstones of our operating framework. While OD&L works on developing institutional strategies for staff development and career enhancement, we want to ensure that the OD&L team has processes that help us bring you optimal solutions most effectively and efficiently.

Our organizational development philosophy is rooted in the spirit of inquiry and the belief that organizations are complex and ambiguous necessitating generative ideas and solutions. This approach is embedded into our process.

Please give us 1-2 months lead time while making requests.

While the time from request to delivery varies depending on the signature service you request, this timeline ensures we can provide optimal service. The graphic below is a quick snapshot of the workflow.

This image illustrates the key phases in OD&L's process providing a broad overview of the engagement.