Neurophotonics Specialization



GPN students participating in the Neurophotonics specialization take the following courses to fulfill the elective component of their Neuroscience PhD. GPN students already take NE741 as part of their GPN core.

  • BE571/BE771: Introduction to Neuroengineering, Instructor Xue Han – This 4 credit course covers existing and future neurosciences for analyzing brain signals and for treating neurological and psychiatric diseases. All students complete design projects.
  • BI581: Exploring Neural Circuits, Instructor: Alberto Cruz-Martín (4 credit course) or NE741/BI741: Neural Systems: Functional Circuit Analysis, Instructor: Ian Davison (4 credit course) – This course emphasizes primary literature review on topics related to understanding how the logic of neural signaling and networks underlie behavior and cognition and how neural circuits are formed and evolve as a function of experience.
  • BE517: Optical Microscopy of Biological Materials, Instructor: Jerome Mertz – This 4 credit course provides hands-on training in state-of-the-art optical microscopy techniques to address questions in biology and biological materials.
  • HM801: Bench-to-Bedside: Translating Biomedical Innovation, BU Questrom School of Management – This 3 credit course explores translation of medical technologies into new products and services for the healthcare system.