Administrative law deals with the actions of the government’s administrative agencies, including rulemaking, adjudication, and regulatory enforcement.

Jack M. Beermann

Jack Beermann’s scholarship focuses on two areas: civil rights litigation and administrative law. He is an authority on the circumstances under which state and local officials, and local governments, should be held liable for their constitutional violations. “What particularly fascinates me is studying the values underlying our public law system and how social movements and history […]

Gary S. Lawson

Gary Lawson came to Boston University in January 2000; he was named the Philip S. Beck Professor of Law in 2012. He has authored eight editions of a textbook on administrative law and has co-authored a textbook on constitutional law. He has authored or co-authored nearly one hundred scholarly articles and five university pressbooks on […]

Rory Van Loo

Rory Van Loo’s research focuses on institutional improvements to corporate compliance, with a particular emphasis on consumer technology and financial companies. His articles on these topics were twice chosen through blind peer review for the Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, and have been published in the Columbia Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Georgetown Law […]

Jay D. Wexler

Professor Jay Wexler has taught at Boston University School of Law since 2001. He earned tenure in 2007 and was awarded the Michael Melton Award for Excellence in Teaching at the law school in 2009. Professor Wexler’s scholarship focuses on church-state law, constitutional law, environmental law, and marijuana law. His articles, essays, and reviews have been published […]