This one-semester, three-credit practicum offers students the opportunity to be part of an exciting collaboration between Boston University School of Law and the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality (“Korematsu Center”). Students in the practicum will engage in the theory and praxis of community lawyering by engaging in legal projects with and for community-based partners. In alignment with the traditions of community and movement lawyering, the practicum directors and students will work in partnership with people who are directly impacted by racism and oppression and who are organizing towards liberatory solutions.

Visiting Lecturer and Clinical Instructor Caitlin Glass and Professor Robert Chang of the Korematsu Center will co-generate students’ racial justice project assignments. Through the practicum, students will work closely with the Korematsu Center and community-based organizations on research, advocacy, and policy projects aimed at combatting subordination and advancing liberation for all. Projects may include amicus briefs, direct representation, white papers, policy reports, fact sheets, public education projects, legislative testimony, or research memos.





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