The application period is now closed. You will be notified about which program you’ve been accepted to within a week or so. If you missed the deadline and are still interested in a program, please contact Adrienne Smith at or 617-358-6265.

Each spring, the Clinical & Advocacy Programs Office seeks applicants from current 1L and 2L students for participation the following academic year.

The application period kicks off in early April with our Clinical Programs Open House. After the Open House, the application goes ‘live’ online, and students have until the end of April to apply. Students should spend the month of April educating themselves about our programs using our many resources—our webpages, clinic faculty, and current students.

Once applications are due at the end of April, students find out soon—usually within a week—what program they have been accepted into.

The following programs select students by lottery, with priority going to 3Ls: Civil Litigation Program, Criminal Law Clinical Program, Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, Legal Externship, Government Lawyering Externship, Health Law Externship, and Affordable Housing Externship.

The following programs have a competitive application process that requires additional materials (e.g., resume and statement of interest): Entrepreneurship & IP Clinic, Technology and Cyberlaw Clinic, Human Trafficking Clinic, International Human Rights Clinic, Wrongful Convictions Clinic, and Environmental Justice Practicum.

If You Missed the Open House…

Please take a look at these materials. This chart provides a quick overview of all the clinics and externships side-by-side, and this handout contains FAQs about applications, and which programs you might consider based on your interests.

Judicial Externship

Our Judicial Externship has an entirely separate application process. Please note the following timelines for acceptance into the Judicial Externship:

  • September—for participation in the spring
  • March/April—for participation the following fall-applications are currently being accepted for 3Ls only. Contact Associate Director Adrienne Smith for details.

The fall semester is open to 3Ls only. The spring semester is open to 2Ls and 3Ls. There is a 3.3 minimum GPA to apply. We will send the application to students via blast email in September and March/April each year.

Semester-in-Practice Program

Please refer to our Semester-in-Practice Program Application Page, for information on how to apply for a SiP.

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the April deadline. Am I foreclosed from doing a clinic or externship?

Absolutely not! Spots always remain available in many of our programs. Please email Associate Director Adrienne Smith, to talk about open spots and what programs you are interested in.

What about spring clinics and externships? Do I still need to apply for those in April too?

Yes. The April application is for all programs the following year (except the Judicial Externship and Semester-in-Practice Program). We understand your academic plans may change. Therefore, if you sign up for a spring program but change your mind, simply let us know as soon as you can. If you decide you want to do a spring program but didn’t sign up in April, there is a good likelihood that there will be spots open.