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Education Law


In this course, we will examine the relationship between law, public policy, and current issues in education at both the K-12 and higher ed levels. Major themes will include campus safety and privacy; the right to an equal and quality education (with a focus on desegregation and resegregation); constitutional issues in public schools (including religious considerations and student freedom of expression); and structures of educational governance and various school reforms. Related topics of engagement will likely include policing in schools, ongoing legal battles over race-conscious practices and policies, the unmet needs of English language learners, and the impact of the charter school movement. NOTE: Previously Education Law and Policy. Students previously enrolled in the seminar may not register for this course. Course assessment will include a three-hour final examination. Class participation will also factor into final grades. NOTES: This class does not satisfy the upper-class writing requirement. GRADING NOTICE: This class does not offer the CR/NC/H option.
Fall 2021: LAW JD 777 , Sep 7th to Dec 9th 2021
A1Jonathan Feingold3Tue,Thu9:00 am - 10:25 amLAW413