Medical care provided by Student Health Services.

Student Health Services offers all full-time and 3/4-time students medical care through a medical service, a behavioral medicine service, and 24-hour access to a physician or nurse on the phone. Student Health Services also works closely with area medical centers, like the Boston Medical Center, to provide emergency and specialist care.

Immunization and health insurance coverage.

Incoming students must submit a medical history form signed by a physician, including a physical examination and documentation of immunizations.

  • Massachusetts law requires all students to provide documentation of immunization for the following common diseases:
    • Measles, rubella, mumps (may be fulfilled by having two MMR vaccines or two measles, one mumps and one rubella vaccines. You may also present evidence of serological immunity (an MMR titer).
    • Diphtheria and tetanus (a Td or Tdap shot within 10 years).
    • Meningitis (required of students living on campus).
    • Hepatitis B immunization (three inoculations or evidence of serological immunity).
    • A TB (tuberculosis) skin test based on the criteria noted on the Health Form.
    • Varicella (A medical provider-certified history of chicken pox or two doses of chicken pox vaccine given 4–8 weeks apart or a blood test indicating immunity to chicken pox.)
    • We also recommend a yearly influenza vaccine and HPV vaccine for women under 26.
    • Your registration will not be complete until this requirement is satisfied. This form can be downloaded, information is included in the Welcome and Registration packet mailed to you in June or may be obtained from Student Health Services (617-353-3575)
  • Massachusetts law requires that students have adequate (“qualifying”) health insurance. Those persons affected by this law include full- and part-time students who carry at least 75 percent of the full-time course load. The student health insurance plan offered through Boston University is a qualifying insurance program. Students who do not purchase the University health insurance must complete a waiver (either online or a hard copy) each academic year to opt out of the institution’s plan, and state that they are covered by a “qualifying” plan. The University insurance will be automatically charged and credited only if the waiver is submitted. Students who intend to use the Boston University Medical Insurance Plan should contact the University to confirm their intent to enroll in the plan. We urge students to contact the University before the end of July so that their medical insurance identification cards can be issued before classes begin.

For additional health-related information, please visit the Boston University Student Health Services website.

Confirming enrollment in medical insurance plan.

Students may confirm enrollment for the Boston University Medical Insurance through any of the following:

  1. On the Student Link, using their BU email account (under the “Money Matters” section)
  2. Calling the Telephone Information System at 617-353-6561
  3. Calling the Student Accounting Office at 617-353-2264

Students who do not contact the University to confirm or waive enrollment in the Boston University Medical Insurance Plan will not be enrolled and issued identification cards until October 1. Medical costs incurred without an identification card, including prescriptions, must be paid out-of-pocket. Students may then file a claim for reimbursement after October 1.