Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Semester Option: Fall

Language: English

Located in China’s capital city, Tsinghua Law School is regarded as one of the top law faculties in the country. BU Law students participate in a single (fall) semester of Tsinghua’s LLM in Chinese Law program—an English language program focusing exclusively on Chinese law and China’s legal system—and the first of its kind in mainland China.

The program has a truly international feel, however, as all students are from foreign countries (not just the US), and many of the program’s faculty (including Tsinghua’s full-time faculty, adjuncts, and local practitioners) have studied outside of China, giving the program an international perspective.

Another unique opportunity is the seven-semester LLM degree option: Tsinghua designed its LLM in Chinese Law program in such a way that students who participate in the fall exchange program can return at any point within two years to complete a second semester at Tsinghua and be awarded the LLM degree. Thus, a BU Law student could obtain both a JD degree from BU Law and an LLM degree from Tsinghua in seven semesters.