Current Travel Advisory

Key Factors to Consider When Planning International Travel:

  • Do you have the necessary immigration documentation to return to the US?
    • Do you need a travel signature on your I-20 or DS-2019? See details below.
    • Do you have a valid US visa?  If you need to apply for a new visa, can you obtain a new visa in time to return before the start of the next semester? Please visit the website of the US Embassy or Consulate where you will apply to see how and when your visa appointment will be scheduled.
  • Are there other current or political events (military conflicts or sanctions) that could impact your ability to travel and/or obtain a visa? For example:
    • Consular posts can close without advance notice due to natural disasters or political conflicts
    • Some graduate students and researchers from China are still experiencing visa denials and visa revocations due to Presidental Proclamation 100043
    • Even with a valid visa, some travelers are denied entry to the US port of entry due to US political sanctions on businesses and nationals of other countries

It is important that you asses your individual situation and evaluate possible risks when making travels plans in the middle of your academic activities. While family emergencies could necessitate travel in the middle of your program, you might choose to postpone some vacation or professional-related travel until after program completion.

If you have further questions about international travel or visa renewal please connect with an ISSO student advisor-on-call or your ISSO Scholar Advisor.  You can also refer to the ISSO Travel Tips for more information.

In addition, students should pay careful attention to Boston University’s Health and Safety Advisories for travel to high-risk countries.