Application Checklist for OPT

Below is a checklist of the items you need to complete your pre-completion or post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) application.  To apply for OPT you will need to make an appointment with your ISSO advisor and bring the following documents to your appointment to request a new I-20 with the OPT recommendation.  Please call the ISSO to schedule an OPT appointment with your ISSO Advisor after preparing the following materials.

Review the OPT instructional videos to help prepare the OPT application, requesting the I-20 recommendation from the ISSO, mailing instructions, and understanding the responsibilities of how to maintain status while on OPT.

During your appointment, your ISSO advisor will evaluate your OPT application materials. If you meet all eligibility requirements, your advisor will issue a new I-20 with an OPT recommendation and provide mailing instructions for you to mail your OPT application directly to USCIS. The ISSO recommendation is a required part of your OPT application

Application Tips

  1. Review the OPT instructional videos and ISSO materials online to help you prepare the OPT application.
  2. Schedule an OPT Application appointment with an ISSO advisor. Your appointment confirmation e-mail will have instructions on what to send to the ISSO advisor before your appointment.
  3. During your appointment, your ISSO Advisor will evaluate your documents and go over important information with you.  If you are fully prepared to submit your OPT application, your ISSO Advisor will recommend OPT and send you an updated I-20 and details about next steps in the application process.
    * Please note that if you are not fully prepared at your OPT appointment, your ISSO Advisor may ask you to schedule another appointment at the next available time to complete the application.
  4. Print all three pages of your new I-20 with the OPT Request on P. 2.  Sign and date the I-20 in the Student Attestation section on P. 1. Assemble all the documents in this checklist for your OPT application appointment
  5. Use single sided copies
  6. Do not staple your documents
  7. Review all application materials once before submission
  8. Keep a copy of your application for your own records
  9. Review the OPT application assembly and mailing instructions provided to you at your appointment