Economic Hardship

Unexpected Financial Difficulties

Unfortunately, hardships sometimes arise for students after they begin their schooling. Perhaps a parent loses their job, a sponsor’s business is destroyed due to natural disaster, or currency exchange rates collapse in your home country due to political turmoil. If your financial support has been affected by such an event, you may qualify for certain benefits.

Similar provisions are available to students in J-1 status, who may be eligible to request work permission due to serious unforeseen economic hardship.

If your economic hardship is based on a humanitarian, political, or natural disaster, you may also wish to research whether the USCIS has set up Special Student Relief or Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for your country of citizenship or nationality.

If you qualify for more than one of the benefits listed above, you may wish to speak to an ISSO advisor or an immigration attorney to determine which option best suits your specific case.