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Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

  • Title Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

Cannalytica is a finalist in the 2022 Cannabis Startup Competition

Problem: Cannabis dispensaries suffer losses due to a lack of highly detailed information on their sales performance and the state of the cannabis industry in their locale. Without this information, they choose suboptimal plans for what to put on the shelf and what quantity to choose. This information spans both the dispensary’s sales strategies and those of other dispensaries.

Solution: Cannalytica provides marijuana dispensary metadata analysis on all dispensaries which gives buyers an advantage to outperform their competition. This includes charts on popular products, average restock times, and more complex analyses like how inflation might affect spending on marijuana products this quarter. Purchasing a Cannalytica data subscription yields unparalleled information for maximizing dispensary profits.

Team: Ross Mikulskis (CAS’25) Andrew Shulov (QST’25), Paul Mikulskis, Greg North, Cedric Hata


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