Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

Calling All Thinkers, Doers, Makers, Creators, Performers, & Builders!

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) minor enables students pursuing any undergraduate major from all BU schools and colleges to develop their ideas, regardless of their field of expertise, and create tangible economic or social impact.

This minor is not just for those who want to “launch a startup” but for students who want to learn how to be more entrepreneurial in all aspects of their lives. The minor teaches students a set of life skills including identifying unmet needs and new opportunities, leading creativity and ideation, collaboration, prototyping, and testing which can prepare students for careers in many domains.

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Minor Requirements: 5 Courses

1 Required Course (4 credits)

QST SI 250: Ideas2Impact
This core course explores where valuable new ideas come from, and what we can do to launch them into the world. Key topics include the conditions that foster innovation, tool sets for identifying hidden opportunities, and processes for building and refining impactful ideas. As a core component of the course, students will gain hands-on experience working in teams to create social and economic impact in the local Boston and BU community.

Designed to align with HUB units: Social Inquiry 1, Creativity/Innovation, and The Individual in Community. 

4 Elective Courses (16 credits)

To ensure that all students declaring this minor have equal exposure to innovation and entrepreneurship skills, students will be required to take four electives drawing from three areas: Entrepreneurship; Creating Impact: Domains of Interest; and Innovator’s Toolkit

See below for more details about elective requirements and offerings.

Elective Categories


  • Must pick 1
  • Can take up to 3

These courses teach students how to identify and scope a viable idea or concept that addresses a genuine need and obtain resources to responsibly nurture, support, and grow its development. All students must pick one entrepreneurship course.

Creating Impact: Domains of Interest

  • Can pick 0-3

These courses teach students in-depth knowledge of a subject domain where students aim to apply their idea to achieve impact (e.g., social innovation, arts, environment, global development).

Innovator’s Toolkit

  • Can pick 0-3
  • Up to 1 in Communications

These courses teach students the skills needed to execute on their idea by researching, managing, developing, leading, communicating, and technically or legally launching their idea into the world.

Elective Offerings by Category