BUild Lab Programs

At our signature programs, you can get inspired to create meaningful impact, learn innovation skills that you can use in any field, and work on your own idea of any kind by earning funding, connecting with mentors, and so much more! 

Not sure where to start, or need help coming up with an idea? Check out our Idea Incubator program.


Venture & Project Creation

Innovation Skills Building

Competitions & Funding

BU Climate Innovation Challenge

Innovation Community

Office Hours and Coaching

Extra Resources for Post-doc, PhD and MBA’s

The following abbreviations indicate when a program is offered:
F=Fall semester; S=Spring Semester; SUM=Summer; W=Winter Break; YR=Year-round. 

Venture & Project Creation

The BUild Lab supports big ideas of all kinds from tech to social impact and beyond. Whether you’re creating your own for-profit venture, non-profit venture, or impact project, we aim to give you the tools you need to become drivers of innovation. Our programs are designed to guide you throughout all stages of development from ideation to launching your venture/project. 

Innovation Skills Building

Explore programs and workshops geared towards helping you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and hone your skills in innovation. 

Cohort Programs

Meet regularly with a diverse cohort of students who share your curiosity and passion for making an impact. 

One-Off Workshops

Different workshops throughout the year that are designed to help you develop specific skills in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. Pick and choose ones that interest you.

  • Idea Incubation Workshops (YR)
  • Idea Development Nights (YR)
  • Venture Development Workshops (YR)
  • Social Entrepreneurship Workshops (YR)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset & Leadership Development Workshops (YR)
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (W)

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Competitions & Funding

Our funding programs range from small seed grants to get you started, including the Sustainability Innovation Seed Grants, to our annual New Venture Competition that awards over $64,000 to student-led start-ups.

BU Changemaker Challenge

Throughout the year, we host challenges that range in theme and format. These are perfect opportunities for students who would like to use their creativity to solve tangible, meaningful problems, want to collaborate with students from across the University, and are seeking inspiration for a new idea to work on.

  • BU Climate Innovation Challenge:  Students and class of 2023 alumni are invited to submit ideas for how to help Boston not just survive, but thrive in the face of climate adversity. $15,000 in funding will be dispersed among the winners.

Innovation Community

Meaningful ideas are created by diverse teams with different experiences, expertise, and talents. Our community programs aim to connect peers, explore innovation of all types, and help shape the BU innovation community.

Office Hours and Coaching

Our staff, who are experienced innovation and entrepreneurship, industry experts, and University partners are here to help you every step of the way whether you’re not sure where to begin with a new idea or you need specific advice to make progress.

Our office hour categories include:

  • Innovate@BU Staff (YR)
  • Industry Experts (YR)
  • The BU Startup Law Clinic (YR)
  • The BU Technology Law Clinic (YR)
  • Innovator-in-Residence (YR)

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Additional Resources for Post-doc, PhD, and MBA’s

While all of our programs are open to undergrad and grad students, we also offer a series of opportunities specifically designed for MBA, doctoral, and post-doc students including workshops and experiential programs.

  • Catalyst MBA Consulting Program (F & S)
  • Lean Launch Training (Varies)
  • Venture Case Competitions (F & S)

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