Innovation Pathway

All year-round
Open To:
All BU students and to alumni within one year of graduation (See Requirements)
Application Deadline:
Rolling – Click here to apply anytime
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Innovation Pathway Lunch spring 2022

About The Program

The Innovation Pathway is a self-paced program that supports ventures of all kinds created by current BU students and alumni who have graduated within the last year. All schools, majors, and education levels are welcome to apply!

It’s perfect for ideas with a sustainable business model – think for-profit startups or nonprofit organizations. It is NOT for one-time projects like events.

Once accepted, you’ll work toward program milestones at your own pace. Midterms have you pressed for time? No worries. We’ll still be here when they’re over.

Each milestone unlocks funding and additional resources to fuel your progress. For even more support, you’ll be matched with a coach, given access to our Innovation Pathway Handbook, and added to our online community.

(P.S. Did you know you can get special, early access to our Innovation Pathway Handbook? Just fill out the form at the top of this page and we’ll send it to you right away!)

By joining the Innovation Pathway (IP), you’ll get:

  • Up to $4,750 in funding
  • Access to coaches, mentors, and other industry experts
  • The ability to pre-book conference rooms at the BUild Lab
  • And more!

IP is for you if:

  • ✅ You’re ready to take your for-profit or nonprofit venture from thinking to doing
  • ✅ You have evidence (see requirements) that your idea has potential
  • ✅ You are a current BU student or alumni within one year of graduation

IP is NOT for you if:

  • ❌ Your idea is a one-time project, not a sustainable business model
  • ❌ You have not completed the research required to be considered
  • ❌ You don’t have an idea for a venture yet (Want one? Click here!)

The Application Process

    1. Read the application requirements and FAQs page
    2. Complete an application form (explore a copy of the application)
    3. If your idea meets the requirements, you’ll be invited to an Application Interview and be asked to choose a date (Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 10, May 1)
    4. Complete the Application Interview and await the results.

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