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Infuse your course of study by taking on the skills to excel in the workplaces of the future. Engage with new technologies, discover emerging industries, and collaborate with classmates on initiatives that just might change the world.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

IE Minor

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) minor enables students pursuing any undergraduate major from all BU schools and colleges to develop their ideas, regardless of their field of expertise, and create tangible economic or social impact.

This minor is not just for those who want to “launch a startup” but for students who want to learn how to be more entrepreneurial in all aspects of their lives. The minor teaches students a set of life skills including: identifying unmet needs and new opportunities, leading creativity and ideation, collaboration, prototyping and testing which can prepare students’ for careers in many domains.

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BU Hub

College of Communications

Hub Cocurriculars

As part of the BU Hub, the University’s new general education program, students can now participate in Hub cocurriculars and explore their interests through experiential learning while earning a Hub unit.  Open to all BU undergraduates, Hub cocurriculars are 0-credit, ungraded experiences that combine activities, discussion, and reflection and appear on a student’s transcript.  Hub cocurriculars are a great way for students to earn a Hub unit outside of the classroom and gain valuable hands-on experience in a field of interest.

Innovate@BU offers two Hub Cocurriculars: 

1) Hub CC 161: Starting a Startup: Discovering & Validating Ideas (Not offered in fall 2020)
Students explore the innovation pathway process and apply the tools embedded in this process towards creating a product or service. Students can apply these tools to a non- profit or for-profit venture, or to an idea they would like to explore. Students identify a market need, conduct customer interviews and market research, propose a solution, pitch and refine the idea, present their product or service, and reflect on the creation process. To support this process, students attend weekly BUild Lab programs. Effective Fall 2018, this Hub cocurricular fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Creativity/Innovation.

2) Hub CC 163: How to Launch a Project (Spring 2020, Tuesdays, 3:30-4:45pm)
Are you ready to transform an idea into a meaningful and feasible project? Is your idea a policy recommendation, advocacy program, community event, media campaign, or creative content? In this Hub cocurricular, students learn to bring a project idea to life while developing their creativity and innovation skill-set through hands-on workshops, reflections, office hours, and feedback sessions. Using the design thinking process, students develop a project proposal to plan and execute their innovative idea. This Hub cocurricular fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Creativity/Innovation.

3) Hub CC 164: Community Changemaking in Boston(Spring Break 2022)
Are you passionate about making a difference in their community but are unsure of where to begin? In this Hub cocurricular, students investigate a social challenge in Boston, connect with local experts, participate in workshops, and conduct research. Students use a variety of tools to map out underlying causes and stakeholders and to identify gaps for innovative ideas. The experience has a rotating yearly topic aligned with Innovate@BU’s annual local community challenge and includes community treks during spring break, reflective activities, and a final presentation. This Hub cocurriuclar fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Creativity/Innovation.

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Cross College Challenge

The BU Cross-College Challenge is a distinctive one-semester, 4-credit elective course open to juniors and seniors from all 10 undergraduate schools and colleges and a rare opportunity to meet students from across the campus.

XCC offers a unique project-based learning experience in which interdisciplinary student teams from across BU’s undergraduate colleges tackle real-world problems and develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Students from any major will collaborate with both on- and -off campus clients to explore challenges impacting BU and the City of Boston in areas such as arts management, technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and beyond.
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College of Communication

College of Communications

MS in Media Ventures

Through this hands on MS, students start with an idea and build it out over the course of the program and learn the process of taking an idea from concept to the market. At the end of this one-year program, students pitch it to a panel of leading media executives and entrepreneurs. Media Ventures faculty, COM alumni, and biz-savvy mentors coach students through the process, one on one. 
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Media Business Entrepreneurship

Students learn the practical knowledge and skills needed to heed the call of entrepreneurship. Classes will include guest speakers from various business sectors including venture capital professionals, angel investors, accountants, attorneys, marketing experts who are skilled in launch phases of PR, as well as media entrepreneurs who succeeded against all odds. Students will also participate in the development of a core business idea, from concept through the creation of a sound business plan as a final project/presentation.
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College of Engineering

College of Engineering

Technology Innovation Concentration

The demand for engineers with hands-on experience in interdisciplinary fields is rapidly growing. ENG’s technology innovation concentration prepares students to recognize and exploit opportunities for technical innovations that can lead to viable commercial products and profitable businesses. By learning to work more effectively as engineers in any field and organization, students are given a launching pad for advancement into future management and leadership positions.
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School of Hospitality Administration

School of Hospitality

Hospitality Entrepreneurship

This course is intended to be a capstone experience for students seeking to understand hospitality entrepreneurship and innovation as a professional business system. Student teams will create, develop, and design a concise pro forma business plan for a start-up nonprofit, or profit-driven hospitality enterprise. At the end of the semester, teams will make a competitive presentation integrating the principles and skills mastered in previous coursework to a panel of successful hospitality entrepreneurs.
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Metropolitan College

Metropolitan College & Extended Education

Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

This post-grad program focuses on providing students with key managerial competencies required in today’s rapidly changing technological, economic, and cultural environments. Students are prepared to work in industries ranging from high-tech and biotech enterprises to traditional environments such as retail, healthcare, and financial services.
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Questrom School of Business

Questrom School of Business

The Questrom MBA Entrepreneurship Concentration

The entrepreneurship concentration at the MBA level teaches you how to create value in an entrepreneurial context, whether through a new venture, an existing firm, a social enterprise, or a foreign market. The objective of the entrepreneurship concentration is to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and to provide a set of analytic frameworks that will significantly increase your project’s chance of success and realize its value.
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The Questrom Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Concentration

Functional concentrations for undergraduate Questrom students enable a deep exploration of a specific area in the study and practice of management. In the entrepreneurship concentration, students gain the skills to identify opportunities, reduce market uncertainties, and harness technology to bring an idea to fruition. This concentration prepares students for starting a new business venture, working in a family business, or developing new business areas within corporations.
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Entrepreneurial Marketing & Finance Summer Program

Every summer, master’s students from around the globe meet at Boston University for an extraordinary experience: a custom-designed, high-intensity entrepreneurship accelerator. They’ll dive into marketing and finance for entrepreneurs with the leaders of Innovate@BU, experimenting and practicing in the Boston ecosystem. And they’ll study and live at Boston University—the world-renowned, urban research university in the heart of the city.
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