PhD Candidate; History of Ancient Art, Social Media co-coordinator; GSHAAA, AH 333 Teaching Fellow


Bailey is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in ancient Roman art and architecture, with a focus on sculpture and portraiture. Her dissertation provides a reexamination of the portraits of Rome’s third-century emperors. While previous scholarship has interpreted these portraits as indicators of an empire in crisis, the dissertation analyzes the complete portrait monuments – portrait sculpture, inscribed statue base, and original display contexts – alongside evidence from the archaeological record and contemporary textual sources to demonstrate the elevated role that imperial portraits came to serve during the third century in articulating imperial ideology and negotiating the emperor’s place within the longue durée of Roman history and memory. Bailey’s dissertation has been generously supported by both a short- and long-term Graduate Research Abroad Fellowship from Boston University, BU Arts Initiative Graduate Research Grant, and the Lemmermann Foundation.

In 2021, Bailey was the Stavros Niarchos Fellow in Classical Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has also worked/interned with the Tufts University Art Galleries, Princeton University Art Museum, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and Boston University Art Galleries. Previously, she has also worked on a number of archaeological projects located throughout the Mediterranean basin, including the Gabii Project (central Italy), Azoria Project (Crete, Greece), Morgantina Souths Baths Project (Sicily, Italy), Omrit Excavation Project (Golan Heights, Israel), and as a ceramics assistant for a study season with the French Excavation at Bi’r Samut (Dendara, Egypt).


Social Media co-coordinator, Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association

Graduate Symposium Coordinator, Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association
Senior Editor, SEQUITUR

Guest Scholar Lecture Series Coordinator, Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association
Junior Editor, SEQUITUR

Secretary, Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association

Forum Coordinator, Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association


Research Interests:

  • Greek and Roman sculpture, with an emphasis on ancient portraiture
  • The relationship between memory, identity, and visual culture
  • Classical reception

MA Paper:
“Munificence in the High Empire: The City Gate of Plancia Magna in Perge”

Dissertation in Progress:
“In the Eye of the Beholder: Memory, Identity, and the Role of Viewer Reception in Roman Imperial Portraiture, 193-284 CE”

Curriculum Vitae