Get involved!

Want to get involved in the GSO? Awesome! We need your help!

How do I get involved?

All GRS Students are welcome at GSO meetings. You do not need to be appointed to elected to attend meetings.* To get involved, there are really only two things you need to do:

  1. Join the GSO Representative email list. We use this list to announce meetings and generally communicate with GSO reps.
  2. This is the most important part: attend the meetings. Follow this finely crafted link for a list of upcoming meetings. Our meetings are open to all graduate students at BU!

What does the GSO do?

The GSO is a group of graduate student representatives from each department in GRS. We hold monthly meetings to allocated funds, plan events and discuss issues related to the welfare of graduate students at Boston University. The GSO is completely student run, so nothing gets done without students like you.  A few key roles the GSO fulfills:

  • Provide a liaison between graduate students and administration.
  • Support graduate student travel by awarding grants for graduate conference and research travel annually.
  • Plan social events like pub nights.
  • Put on Professional Development events.
  • Advocate for graduate students on important issues like paid parental leave and bike lanes.
  • Foster conferences and other events on campus by cosponsoring events.

Why become a GSO rep?

  • Make your voice heard and use it to make BU a better place for all graduate students.
  • Ensure your department’s eligibility for GSO Travel Grants (to be eligible, your department must attend the minimum number of meetings each semester).
  • Free food at monthly meetings!
  • Have the opportunity to plan fun events for your peers!

Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch:

*In most departments, GSO reps are self-appointed. In some departments, reps are appointed by the chair or elected by a graduate student committee, but other members of the department are still welcome to attend meetings and vote. There is no limit on the number of people from a department that may attend, although there is a limit on the number of votes that a department may cast based on the number of students in the department (detailed information).