Recent Events

GSO Tax Webinars 

The GSO held two Tax Webinars on the 17th and 24th of February 2021 for domestic students and international students respectively with Mr. Robert D. Underwood, CPA, PC. You may find the recordings below. They may be accessed until 23:59 hours on March 14th 2021.

02/17/2021 (Domestic Students) 

Passcode: 0D27dF$c

02/24/21 (International Students) 

Passcode: Rm9!FS4c

The GSO sponsors several types of events, separately from co-sponsored events and regular old meetings. Please see our calendar for more information.

Social Events

The GSO generally hosts a few pub nights per semester. Check our calendar or main page for upcoming dates.

Along with that, we’ve put on a number of other events at various times over the years. Since our Social Chair changes year-to-year, if you have interest in a particular event or type of event, please contact them if you have interest in helping to plan it! For example, the Middlesex Fells Hike was led by one of our graduate students who has since graduated, but a number of people from several departments all enjoyed escaping their desks for a beautiful hike in the woods. If you wanted to lead a group hike it’d be more than welcome! Or if you wanted to captain a team for the Walk for Hunger, organize a trip to the zoo, or even just set up a game night then we’d love to hear about your suggestions (and eagerness to help organize) in an email sent to

Professional Development Events

We are currently working on expanding our repertoire of professional development events. We will have more information on current professional  development events soon. Below are some project ideas that grad students have previously expressed interest in. 

Projects we’d love to see developed

In the fall of 2012 we put out another call for what types of professional development events people would most like to see. These were write-in, but the general trends were as follows, for the top five requested categories. Please let us know if you’d be interested in taking lead on setting up any of these types of events! (We’ve taken the liberty of adding some parenthetical suggestions for how this work could be started, but if you’re interested and have better ideas – go for it!)

  1. Job Hunting Workshop
    • Non-academic (This would be a great way to make contact with people you’ve networked with, to call them in and ask them to share their expertise!)
    • Academic (We will be hosting a panel of early-career professors to answer questions about how they got their jobs in spring 2013)
  2. Grant Writing Workshop (Perhaps we could ask different young professors about their experiences?)
    • Fellowship/grant opportunities listing (the Associate Provost suggested that we simply link to other schools’ searchable lists, but the GSO website doesn’t have high visibility)
  3. Networking Events
    • With other grad students (Like social events but not held in a crowded pub on a Friday night!)
    • With alumni (Could potentially get help from department administrators from various departments, or possibly the alumni association)
  4. Career Fair
    • Industry jobs (GWISE has put these on in the past and may have good information on how to get started)
  5. Resume Workshop
    • CV (Perhaps we could get someone from the Center for Career Development to help?)
    • Cover letters (Almost DEFINITELY could get someone from the CCD to help!)

And, best of all – if you take charge on planning any of these things, it’ll look great on a CV!